Successful Dance and Baton Studio for 50 years!

Studio Policies

Updated 9/7/14


  • Please do not interrupt classes, this really puts us behind schedule!
  • Don’t allow climbing on furniture and chairs!
  • Please no running or extra noise!
  • Please do not move the waiting area chairs around!
  • There are” cubbies” in the dance rooms for all dance bags during lessons!
  • Everyone please put your name on all items!  Shoes – Leotards – Shorts – Shirt, etc.
  • All solos, duets, trios must take their class lesson in addition to.
  • Notify the front desk receptionist of any class additions or deletions to keep my records current.
  • Holiday closures:
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas through New Years
    • Centerville Schools Spring Break
  • Snow Day Policy:
    • Single snow day cancellation will most likely not be made up and depends on the group’s schedule that night.  If a competition or performance is coming up, I will try to work the lesson in; monthly payment will remain the same.  I’ve tried in the past to make up snow days and those student often cannot attend the make up session.  If there are multiple snow day cancellations, I will try to make up at least one class.  Make up days may have to be on Saturday or Sunday since we have a full schedule during the week.
    • Just because school closes in the morning does not mean I cancel evening lessons.  Please check!
    • I really do not cancel very often and wait until after 2:00 pm to make the final decision.  By that time it usually has cleared off enough to have lessons.  Afternoon classes are sometimes the problem.
    • I will try to e-mail or call (if I do not have an e-mail address) everyone.
    • Make sure I have an e-mail address!

Studio Health

  • Since we have dancers breathing, No Smoking!
  • Please help keep our studio waiting area and restroom clean
    • No dirty diapers or other offensive items in trash can
  • We have had serious problems with children playing in the bathroom!
    • A flood one night, a child turned on the water and locked the door and left!
    • Please watch all children when in studio!
  • Please do not use the Teachers / Staff restroom unless absolutely necessary
    • Staff use it between classes and there is usually little time.


  • No eating in the waiting room!  Please!
  • Only students and/or staff who must eat at the studio are permitted!
  • They must eat at the black table in waiting area and clean up afterwards!
  • Please, no cookies, crackers, etc. when you are waiting!
  • Please be careful with drinks, put in trash when finished after pouring out the remaining liquid!
  • No chewing gum in studio or classes at ALL!!!
  • Treats for birthdays:
    • Is a great jester and really nice…
    • Treats must be individually bagged for each student’s home consumption.

Visitor’s Day

  • Automatically be the first full week of the month starting November
  • No visitor day in the following months:
    • January
    • April
  • In November  watch entire 30 – 45 min class and warm ups
  • All other months, watch last ten minutes of class for:
    • New material
    • Progress
    • Announcements
    • You will be called back when appropriate
  • New studio has viewing windows however they will not be open every week