Successful Dance and Baton Studio for 50 years!

Dynamite Gals & Guys Dance Company

Competition Rules and Procedures

  1.  Must attend all Summer lessons before Nationals!!!
    • Four Summer lessons before Nationals (two weeks)
    • Two lessons per week after recital
    • Must work vacations around National Competition
    • Vacations must be after Nationals
    • Therefore, no vacations, camps, etc during the four Summer lessons (two weeks)
    • Please do not schedule dentist, doctor appointments, drivers ed, etc on lesson days in Summer
    • We only have four lessons before Nationals just to clean to the limit!!!
      • If not willing, do not join Dynamite Gals & Guys Dance Co.
  2. Must take Ballet/Lyrical class along with Tap and/or Jazz
  3. Starting December 1 of each competing year
    • Can not miss more than four practices
    • Four is a warning
    • Five is out of group
  4. Must attend lesson before competition (week of)
  5. Must attend all competitions on schedule, not a choice!!
    • Need to be flexible with schedule changes when necessary
    • Contest schedules do not arrive to me until week of competition
    • I can only anticipate the times
  6. Must attend Nationals!!!
  7. When absent, get with another member and review routine before next lesson
  8. Competition money must be brought in on time!
    • Dance Moms should not have to call
    • Please pay competition fees on your competition group class evening when Dance Mom is present
    • Do not pay competition money at front desk!
    • Please do not wait until the final payment deadline!
    • All competition fees must be on a separate check from studio lessons
  9. Clothing
    • Must purchase studio warm-up jacket & pants
    • Must purchase present year studio wear outfit (shirt, shorts, pants, leotard, etc.)
      • Whatever is new or what you have outgrown (IE: warm-up jacket, pants or leotards)
  10. Must arrive on time at designated competition time.  Do not be late!!!
  11. Each group must be uniform in appearance regarding hair and make-up
    • Do at competition!
    • All bangs back usually!
  12. Always wear studio wear to competition (present year)
    • Girls:  this year the new outfit shorts and red shirt
  13. Always wear studio jacket and pants for awards
  14. Attendance in February, March, April, May and June
    • May not be absent two weeks in any one of those months unless serious illness or unforeseen circumstance.
    • These lessons are very important to have entire group there to perfect competition routines
  15. Members must attend any extra called practices if needed!
    • Also required workshop end of July/August
  16. Must attend two dance conventions per year!  MVDT and/or Dance Masters
  17. Must be in Centerville July 4 Americana parade (when I choose to participate) unless in a school group or out of town.
  18. Must display a great attitude!
  19. Must be dedicated!
  20. Just remember, the more you dance the better you become!!!
  21. Must turn in a Fall sign-up sheet by July 1 to verify you are enrolling in the Fall term.
    • We need this information in order to plan Fall times and music before workshops!

  •  Fees:  yearly member competition fee of $150 per family payable at the Fall meeting
    • Covers teacher lodging, Nationals, hand-outs and some prop costs
  • No video recording, phone camera or flash photography permitted at competitions!  We will be disqualified!