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MARCH 18-19-20, 2016

What a Super  &  Great Second Competition!
Everyone Seemed To Have Fun!

WOW!!!  “Aaron’s Party” Secondary Video of the Weekend and Most Entertaining All Secondary Junior Small Groups

Groups and Duet/Trio and Solo’s Elite Top First – 14     Top First – 33 First – 1 Special Achievement Awards – 3 1st Place in their Age Division, When have Competition – 9

1st    Over-All - 2
2nd   Over-All - 0
3rd   Over-All - 4
4th   Over-All - 2
5th   Over-All - 3
6th   Over-All - 2
7th   Over-All - 2
8th   Over-All - 2
9th   Over-All - 2
10th Over-All - 2
New York Invite - 11 (Group/Duets/Solos)
Hollywood Invite - 1 (Megan Reilly)

PRODUCTION: “Revenge of the Nerds” Elite Top First 4th Over-All of All Productions

SENIOR GALS: TAP:  “Just A Girl” – 1st JAZZ:  “Poison”–Top 1st and 1st In Their Age Division 10th Over-All 12-14 Large Group New York Invite

MUSICAL THEATRE: “I’m A Woman” –  Top 1st

TEEN GALS and GUYS: TAP:  “Home”- Top 1st 3rd Over-All Secondary 12-14 Large Group New York Invite Love to Dance and It Shows   (Special Judges Award) JAZZ:  “Crazy In Love” – Top 1st

JUNIOR GALS: TAP:  “Ready for a Miracle” – EliteTop 1st-3rd Over-All Secondary 9-11 Small Groups New York Invite Steppin’ In Style  (Special Judges Award) JAZZ:  “Uptown Funk” – Top 1st-1stin their Age Division               JUNIOR GALS CO. II:  TAP:  “Hillbilly Twist” Top 1st-8th Over-All Primary 9-11 Small Groups

JAZZ:  “It’s A Girl Party”- Top 1st-9th Over-All Primary 9-11 Small Groups New York Invite

PETITE GALS: Tap:  “Itsy Bitsy Spider” – Top 1st and Tied 2nd in Age Group Jazz: “Car Wash” – Elite Top First and Tied for 1st in their Age Division Prop Award  (Special Judges Award)

GALS & GUYS: HIP HOP:  “Aaron’s Party” -  Elite Top 1st-Most Entertaining All JuniorSmall Groups Video of Week-End – All Secondary Junior Groups 5th Over-All Secondary 9-11 Small Groups

GUYS: Tap: “Smooth Criminal” – Elite Top 1st

DUETS: “Stand By Me” – Tap – Madison & Savannah: Elite Top 1st and 1st in Their Age Division 1st Over-All Intermediate 15-19 Duet/Trios         “Amazing Grace” – Lyrical – Madison & Lauren: Top 1st          “Welcome to Wonderland”- Tap – Nicole & Lauren: Top 1st-1st Place in Age Division 8th Over-All Intermediate 12-14 Duet/Trio                “Snow White and the Queen” – Contemporary – Logan & Nicole – Top 1st New York Invite

“Friendship” – Musical Theatre – Rachel & Brandon: Elite Top 1st 1st Over-All Secondary 12-14 Duet/Trio    “Transform Ya” – Hip Hop – Alyssa & Cayden:  EliteTop 1st -6TH Over-All Secondary 9-11 Duet/Trios

“I’m on Top of The World” – Jazz – Kamryn & Cassie: Top 1st-10th Over-All Secondary 9-11 Duet/Trios

“Swing With Me” – Tap – Stacey & Kaylee – Elite Top 1st-4th Over-All Secondary 12-14 Duet/Trios                   “How to Save a Life” – Lyrical – Taylor & Austin – Top 1st and 1st Place in Their Division

“Supercalifragilistic” – Musical Theatre – Kaylee & Bailey – Elite Top 1st-3rd Over-All Secondary 12-14 Duet/Trio New York Invite                   “Good Morning” – Musical Theatre – Rachel & Sarah – Top 1st

“Girlfriend” – Jazz – Alyssa & Lauren – Elite Top 1st-3rd Over-All Secondary 9-11 Duet/Trios New York Invite

“Medecine” – Lyrical – Brittany & Carly – Top 1st

“Keep Holding On” – Lyrical – Bergen & Daelyn – Top 1st

“Be a Clown” – Acrobatic – Parker & Kendall – Top 1st


“Ghost Stories” – Novelty – Emily – Shannon – Gracie: Elite Top 1st-7th Over-All Intermediate 12-14 Duet/Trios


“Can’t Help Falling In Love” – Jazz – Logan Fairbanks: Top 1st – Tie 2nd In Age Group

“The Scientist” – Lyrical – Shannon Chable:   Top 1st – Tie 2nd In Age Group                    “Fall In Love”- Jazz – Emily Glass: Top 1st

“Chandelier” – Contemporary – Megan Reilly: Elite Top 1st-6th Over-All Intermediate 15-19 Solos Invite to Hollywood and New York

“Drummer Boy” – Jazz – Gracie Gitzinger: Top 1st New York Invite

“Warrior” – Lyrical – Brittany Stover: Top 1st-5th Over-All 15-16 Solos           “Tainted Love” – Jazz – Stacey Greenup: Top 1st

“Alto Lament” – Musical Theatre – Rachel Parks: Top 1st-9th Over-All Secondary 12-14 Solos

“Dancin’ In the Rain”- Tap – Brianna Hurst: Top 1st-New York Invite

“I’m In Love with a Monster” – Jazz – Bailey Smith:  1st

“Not The Life for Me” – Musical Theatre – Isabella Schenking:  Top 1st

“Clap Your Hands” – Tap – Sarah Glass: Top 1st

“Pop Drop & Roll” – Jazz – Alyssa Palmer: Elite Top 1st and 1st in Her Age Division-7th Over-All Secondary 9-11 Solos 6th Place KAR Title Junior Miss

“Shake” – Tap – Sarah Knifley: Top 1st

“All About Me” – Jazz – Rhianna Pigman: Top 1st

“I Want It Now” – Musical Theatre – Jolee York: Top 1st and 1st Place in Age Group-5th Over-All Primary 9-11 Solos New York Invite

“Walking On Air” – Jazz – Alex Demitruk: Top 1st and 1st Place in Age Group

“Amazing Life” – Acro/Gymnastics – Faith Heffner: Top 1st            Way To Go . . . .  Now It’s On To Applause!!

When Doing This Awards List . . . . Almost All of Our Dancers Went Up A Score From Last Year!!

Yea !!!